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Coming Soon: Knotts Coffee Shop

Knotts Coffee Company will be joining Bridgeport’s commercial space. Knotts Coffee Company secured their spot at 1500 Bridgeport Way, in Suite 110. The space is currently under construction, and their opening is slated for some time in late Fall 2020.

Knotts Coffee Company will be run by JT Holt and Dylan Huffman. Huffman and Holt are first time business owners but have worked in the service industry for a combined 40 years.

“JT and I are really excited to bring this idea to life,” said Dylan. “It’s nerve-wracking but in a good way. We’ve had the idea for Knotts Coffee Company for a long time and this lease is making it reality.”

“We love the community element of Bridgeport,” said Holt. “The aspect of Bridgeport aligns so well with the idea we have for Knotts Coffee Company, so getting our name on the directory here, was a no-brainer.”